Harvey Armour

About Harvey Armour

For more than 35 years, under the auspices of Crown Financial Ministries and Calvary Baptist Church of Winston-Salem, NC, Harvey Armour taught seminars on personal money management and counseled with people in need of personal financial counseling. Based upon the knowledge he gained in teaching the seminars and in counseling people, Mr. Armour has written more than 40 articles on personal financial management. And, as a result of his longtime interest in finding credible answers to difficult questions regarding spiritual matters, Mr. Armour has also written more than 150 articles regarding difficult biblical matters, based upon information he has gathered from extensive studying of the Bible and various other sources. Mr. Armour has a BBA degree, with a concentration in accounting, from the University of Texas at Arlington, and an MBA degree, with a concentration in Finance, from the University of North Texas. He also has earned certificates as a Certified Public Accountant and as a Chartered Financial Analyst. Mr. Armour is now retired after more than 30 years in asset management . He is married and has two grown children – a son and a daughter. He has lived in Winston-Salem, NC since June 1973, and has been a member of Calvary Baptist Church since 1974.

Will Christians Actually Have Eternal Life?

People who can be characterized as either agnostics or atheists are skeptical, or do not believe, that Christians and, perhaps, others who believe in the existence of God, will actually have an eternal (i.e., everlasting) life.  Although there are many scriptures in the Bible that support the belief that Christians will live forever, most, […]

Which Nations Will Oppose Israel at the Final Confrontation?

In the Bible, Revelation 20:7-9 indicates that during the so-called “Last Days” of the world immediately following the millennial (1,000-year) reign of Jesus Christ after He returns to the earth, Gog and Magog will be threatening to attack Jerusalem (“the beloved city”).  This raises the question as to which current nations the Bible refers […]

Deliberate Sins

Before we proceed with a discussion of “deliberate sins,” we think it would be worthwhile to define what is meant by that term.  Webster’s Dictionary defines deliberate as “premeditated” and indicates that premeditated refers to something that is thought out or meditated beforehand.  Thus, if a sin that is committed inadvertently or if it […]

What Is the Most Important Decision a Person Will Ever Make?

There are many important decisions that people need to make during their lifetime, but is there one particular decision that is more important than all the others?  Among the important decisions to be made are the following:

Whether or not to attend college.
If the decision is to attend college, which one?
Whether or […]

Praying about Personal Problems

Everyone has personal problems, although these problems differ as to their type, their severity, and their frequency.  Among these problems are the following:

Guilt feelings
Hate feelings
Insufficient money
Lack of wisdom
Mental stress
Physical pain
Poor physical health

So, does the Bible provide any encouragement with regard […]

Are People Fools If They Do Not Properly Acknowledge God?

Certainly, there are many people who do not believe in a Supreme Being whom the Bible generally refers to as God or the Lord.  However, there is ample evidence that God, who is the central focus of the Bible, is an actual supernatural Being who is the Creator of the entire universe, including all […]

Seeking God’s Guidance

Many people flounder around in life, unable to satisfactorily make important decisions that determine the course and the quality of their life.  Often this inability is because they lack adequate guidance.

But what if people could get the guidance they need – from God?  We will consider several Bible scriptures which indicate that people can […]

Why Teach Your Children about God?

Few, if any, normal parents would think it is not necessary to teach their children correct moral values and behavior.  However, a number of otherwise normal parents avoid teaching their children about God.  Probably, the primary reason why many of these parents take this approach is because they either do not believe in God […]

What Does the Bible Say about Pride and Humility?

Before we consider what the Bible says about pride and humility, we want to make clear the meaning of these two terms when we mention them in this article.

Webster’s Dictionary has several definitions of pride.  The primary definitions are “an unduly high opinion of oneself; exaggerated self-esteem; conceit.”  We would add that such pride […]

Faithful Obedience to God

In Matthew 25, Jesus Christ tells a parable about a man who gave three of his servants money to invest for him during the lengthy period that he would be traveling elsewhere.  When the man returned after his long absence, he commended two of the three servants, both of whom had done a good […]