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About Harvey Armour

For more than 35 years, under the auspices of Crown Financial Ministries and Calvary Baptist Church of Winston-Salem, NC, Harvey Armour taught seminars on personal money management and counseled with people in need of personal financial counseling. Based upon the knowledge he gained in teaching the seminars and in counseling people, Mr. Armour has written more than 40 articles on personal financial management. And, as a result of his longtime interest in finding credible answers to difficult questions regarding spiritual matters, Mr. Armour has also written more than 150 articles regarding difficult biblical matters, based upon information he has gathered from extensive studying of the Bible and various other sources. Mr. Armour has a BBA degree, with a concentration in accounting, from the University of Texas at Arlington, and an MBA degree, with a concentration in Finance, from the University of North Texas. He also has earned certificates as a Certified Public Accountant and as a Chartered Financial Analyst. Mr. Armour is now retired after more than 30 years in asset management . He is married and has two grown children – a son and a daughter. He has lived in Winston-Salem, NC since June 1973, and has been a member of Calvary Baptist Church since 1974.

Why Pray for God’s Help If the Outcome Has Been Predetermined?

One of the conclusions in our article entitled “Is God Really Omnipotent and Omniscient?” is that God knows everything that will occur in the future (i.e., He is omniscient).  [Note: To read that article, click on its title.]  And, because God is omniscient, He knows the outcome of every situation, even before the situation […]

Can Personal Experiences Help to Prove that God Exists?

Before attempting to address the primary question posed by this article, we want to make clear what we mean by the terms prove and God in this article.  When we use the term prove,  the applicable definition in Webster’s Dictionary is “to establish the validity or authenticity of. . . .”  And, when we […]

Is the Biblical Story about Adam and Eve Fictitious?

A number of people do not think that the events in the Bible regarding Adam and Eve are authentic.  The underlying basis for this disbelief is probably that these people do not believe in God and/or they do not believe that Adam and Eve were real people who were created by God.  So, what […]

Is the Biblical Book of Job an Allegory?

The authenticity of the biblical Book of Job is sometimes questioned, particularly with regard to whether or not Job was a real person, but also with regard to whether not there were face-to-face discussions between Satan and God about Job.  If the Book of Job is just an allegory, then there is no compelling […]

Methods of Studying the Bible

In the original King James Version of the Bible, 2 Timothy 2:15 declares, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

However, people who want to study the Bible may not be sure how they should do so.  The subsequent discussion of […]

Application of Biblical Teachings

There is an old saying that ignorance is bliss (i.e., great joy or happiness).  However, if a person does not understand the importance of implementing biblical teachings in his (or her) own life, that person’s relationship with God is likely to be considerably less than it would be if that person did implement more […]

Is It Always Wrong to Gamble?

Before attempting to answer the basic question posed by this article, it is important for us to make clear what we mean by the term gamble.  According to Webster’s Dictionary, to gamble means “to play games of chance for money or some other stake.”  However, Webster also indicates that to gamble can mean “to […]

Is It Ever Alright to Tell a Lie?

Most people probably want to be told the truth when someone is communicating with them.  However, when some of these same people are themselves communicating with someone, they sometimes – or, perhaps, often – make statements that are not true (i.e., they lie).

Before continuing, we think it would be worthwhile to make clear what […]

Are Happiness and Joy Synonymous?

Evidently, a lot of people, particularly Christians, think that, if they conduct themselves according to biblical teachings, they can have joy, regardless of whether or not they have happiness.  In other words, these people make a distinction between the terms happiness and joy. But does the Bible actually make a distinction between happiness and […]

Importance of a Christian Lifestyle

The lifestyles of a number Christians seem to indicate that these people live their life without much concern as to how they may influence other people.  This is contrary to New Testament teachings that Christians should live a holy lifestyle. And, when Christians live a holy lifestyle, they can have a positive influence on […]